Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler

Product image 1Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - 3/4 view
Product image 2Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - Open, Full
Product image 3Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - Front
Product image 4Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - back
Product image 5Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - side
Product image 6Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - top zipper
Product image 7Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - d-ring points and daisy chain
Product image 8Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - pocket zipper
Product image 9Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - inside
Product image 10Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - side carry handle
Product image 11Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - top carry padded handle
Product image 12Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - base
Product image 13Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - model carry
Product image 14Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler  - Dimensions - Length 24" - Width 11.5" - Height 16" - Weight 8.9lbs
Product image 15Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - Lifestyle - walk on the dock
Product image 16Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - Lifestyle - getting ready for the beach
Product image 17Titan RF Heavy Duty Super Cooler - Lifestyle, dog at the beach

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Product Details

This cooler is made for anyone who likes standing waist deep in a stream, enjoys a heavy dose of mud and thinks the best fish is the one you catch (and release) yourself.

Tough on the outside with stitch-free, welded seams, the Titan RF is a beast. It holds more cans than you probably need and will keep them cold long enough for you to catch a few sunsets.

We use Titan RF Super Dense Insulation with extra thickness on the base to keep the egg-frying heat of Terra Firma away from your cold gold. All exterior and interior seams are welded so you have waterproof protection along with a water and pressure proof YKK Aquaseal™ zipper. You can use the 4 burly, shatter resistant D-ring tie down points to stabilize your cooler on the flat bed of a truck or in a boat and use the adjustable shoulder strap to carry. It’s ready, are you?


Key Features

  • Titan RF super dense insulation
  • YKK Aquaseal water and pressure proof zipper
  • Titan RF welded interior and exterior for waterproof protection
  • 4 D-ring tie-down points
  • Anti-slip molded base
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Carry handles


Titan RF Super Dense Insulation

25 millimeters thick on the sides and 40 millimeters thick on the base, super dense Titan RF insulation provides consistent high performance for days.

YKK Aquaseal® Zipper

Water and pressure proof*, the YKK AquaSeal® Zipper, in combination with the Seal Lock closure, ensure that the cold stays inside the cooler.

*based upon under 0.3 bar of underwater pressure. 0.3 bar equals pressure at a depth of approximately 3.3 meters (10.8feet).



The stitch-free, welded seams of the Titan RF provide durable, waterproof construction.

Titan RF Welded Exterior/Interior

The exterior walls of the Titan RF are waterproof, stain, abrasion, puncture and UV ray resistant. The interior lining is leak proof.

Four D-Ring Tie-Downs

D-Ring tie-downs provide enhanced stability when the cooler is transported on boats, truck beds and all terrain vehicles.

Anti-Slip Molded Base

The rugged, molded base provides stability on most surfaces and is stain, abrasion and puncture resistant.

Product Dimensions
Length 24 " 60.96 cm
Depth 11.5 " 29.21 cm
Height 16 " 40.64 cm
Weight 8.9 lbs 4.04 kg
Capacity 35 QT 52 Cans
*Performance Testing & Still Ice Claims

The product was 100% filled with ice and the ambient temperatures were alternated between approximately 90ºF/32ºC and 67ºF/19ºC every 12 hours to simulate day/night temperatures during the summer. At the 96 hour mark, ice was still present. Note: Results will vary according to the ambient temperature, the volume and the starting temperature of the contents.

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Cleaning & Care

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Our products are meant to last... So odds are, they will get pretty dirty.

Don’t worry, we thought of that.

Most food residues can be wiped clean with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. This applies to both the interior and exterior of the cooler or lunch bag. 

*Please be advised we recommend allowing your item to air dry, as a machine wash may ruin the insulation of the item.

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