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The Ultimate Waterproof Backpack

This backpack can truly handle any adventure you throw at it. The welded exterior is water and stain repellent and puncture resistant! It can keep chill for up to 2 days and has 2 insulated compartments!

Arctic Zone -
Arctic Zone - Titan by Arctic Zone™ | 16 can Zipperless Cooler
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Amazing 30 Can Cooler

"Bought for a Hawaiian vacation and it worked beautifully. The ice walls alone keep fresh poke and other snacks cold all day as we hiked volcanos, enjoyed beaches, and drove across rough island terrain. It’s works even better than it looks, and has a ton of storage options. Love it!" - Mitch

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Buy this cooler!

"This is the best cooler we’ve ever had! We live by the beach and every zipper rusts..having the zipper less top is KEY. Also, the tray that sits inside on the top for sandwiches or any item you want to be separated from the ice and drinks is an awesome feature. It has enough spaces on the sides and on top to hold many other items too! Definitely will buy another one!" - Curstin

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"This cooler is everything I wanted and is perfect. I wanted a cooler that I could take fishing/camping that would keep my items cold for at least 2 days. This works great. It's not so big it's hard to handle but it's big enough to hold enough for myself and my wife. The shelf is great. No more mushy items sitting in ice and water. I would definitely buy this cooler again." - Tammy

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Cross Canada Dream

"I've tested this cooler through most of our summer adventures and it's passed all of our tests. The biggest one however was driving nearly across all of Canada with it and not having any food get warm, go bad, or soggy. This cooler kept our water, sandwiches and much more at a great cool temperature! I am so beyond satisfied! Did I mention that we didn't have to change the ice packs or add in any additional ice?!" - @aspenthepyrador

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Top Notch Cooler, Perfect for a Lunch On Site

"Item is made extremely well. High quality exterior with very durable liner. Non-zip top is a must have! I would like to see a more durable zipper however if I must criticize at all. Customer service was absolutely second to none as well. Keep up the excellent work! Hopefully they will start making large capacity coolers as well?? :) - Gregory T

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Comfy Straps!

"I bought this for my father in law for Father's Day. He LOVES it! So far no leaks, its stays cold even without a lot of ice and the zipper is easy to use. The favorite part by far though are the straps. They are actually comfortable on a lot of different sizes! He has been taking his backpack cooler everywhere this summer. I am so glad I found this brand and little cooler!" - L.G.

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