Four Simple Sustainable Swaps You Can Start Doing Right Now!

Four Simple Sustainable Swaps You Can Start Doing Right Now!

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Are you looking for ways to be more sustainable in your day-to-day life? It can feel overwhelming, but you should start by knowing that you have the power to make (even just small) choices every day in order to limit consumption and reduce waste. Here are some of our top simple tips to start living a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Use reusable containers instead of single-use baggies

Meal prepping, packing for a picnic hike or storing away leftovers from dinner? Instead of choosing plastic baggies, opt for reusable containers! Easily wash and use week after week to keep your food fresh. Microwave-safe containers are perfect for meals that you bring to school or work.

Packing food that needs to stay fresh? Our meal container sets snap together with connectable ice packs! Packing hot liquids like soup or chili? Our thermal bowls stay hot for up to 7 hours!

This week, challenge yourself to pack to-go meals only using reusable containers!



Arctic Zone® 8 Piece All-In-One Entrée Reusable Food Container Set

Swap plastic water-bottles for reusable drinkware

Harvard suggests the average person should drink anywhere from four to six cups of water per day. While this number varies per person, it’s clear that water should be a top priority in your every day diet. Take steps to reduce your plastic waste by choosing reusable drinkware in conjunction with water filters, if needed. Our leak proof 20 Oz. Stainless Steel Bottles are the perfect size for life on the go and provide up to 24 hours hours of cold or up to 12 hours of heat. Put some stickers on your favorite one, and make a habit of bringing the bottle with you wherever you go.



Titan by Arctic Zone™ 20 Oz. Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle With Microban® Infused Lid*

Pack your cooler with reusable ice packs instead of single use bags of ice

Have a tailgate coming up? Are you planning a backyard BBQ or packing for a camp trip? Store your perishable items and cold beverages using reusable ice packs. You no longer need to make a last minute stop at the gas station to pick up bags of ice, as you can easily store ice packs in your freezer to be ready any time you’re bringing a cooler. Most ice packs are made from gels to prolong the cooling effects, but using the right cooler can also be a factor in keeping your food and drinks cold for longer periods of time.



Titan by Arctic Zone™ 600g Reusable Gel Ice Pack & 20Q High Performance Hard Cooler

Say no to single-use plastic bags and carry reusable totes to transport groceries 

How many times do you grocery shop per month? How many plastic bags do you usually take home per shopping trip? Multiply those numbers together and then multiply again by 12, and you’ll get the amount of plastic bags you use throughout the year. Or instead of doing all that math, start bringing reusable totes, which will help prevent the excess of plastic waste. Sometimes, stores will charge you for each bag, so consistently bringing reusable totes can also be budget-friendly. Our range of insulated totes feature sturdy handles and a leak proof*, easy clean lining with Microban® to help protect against bacterial odors and stains, making them the perfect shopping companion.  



Titan by Arctic Zone™ Reusable Insulated Tote Bag

It may take a while to form these habits, but these swaps are some great first steps towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. What’s your favorite sustainable tip?



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