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Safe & Easy-Open 4-Lock Lid Thermal Bowl

No more twisting, turning and struggling to get the lid off! No more worries about hot soup spilling! This BPA free, leak proof, personal sized food container features a safe and easy to use 4-lock lid and keeps food and liquids hot for up to 7 hours or cold for up to 9!

We asked several young kids to test the 4 locking tabs on the lid to ensure that the container really is easy to open. All of them gave us a thumbs up!

The container is constructed of stainless steel with triple-walled vacuum insulation for temperature retention and copper lining for better performance. It features an extra large opening and holds 2 cups (16 oz./480mL). The perfect size for personal food transport!


  • Easy-open 4 lock-lid
  • Extra wide opening
  • Stainless steel
  • Triple walled vacuum insulation
  • Copper lined
  • Keeps food hot for 7 hours
  • Keeps food cold for 9 hours

Product Testing & Claims

  • Cold testing - The product was filled with cold water (4ºC / 32ºF). At the 9 hour mark, the temperature reached the final temperature of (15ºC / 59ºF).
  • Hot testing - The product was filled with boiling water. At the 7 hour mark, the temperature reached the final temperature of (46ºC / 115ºF).

Note: Results will vary according to the ambient temperature, the volume and the starting temperature of the contents.

Product Dimensions

Length 5.25" 13.33 cm
Depth 5.25" 13.33 cm
Height 5.25" 13.33 cm
Capacity 16 fl.oz 473 mL

Cleaning & Care

Lid and Bowl are dishwasher safe, top rack only: Wash all components prior to first use and before and after each use. Dry thoroughly. For best results, we recommend hand washing after each use.

Do not use bleach, cleansers containing chlorine or any other abrasive product to clean the container or lid.

Best Performance Tips

For best temperature retention results, preheat or prechill the container prior to each use by filling it with hot/cold water. Let this stand for at least 5 minutes with the lid on. Empty water and fill with intended contents.

Keep the lid off when storing to prevent the buildup of bacteria or odors.

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