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Our Story
It’s been said that in order to do great work, you have to love what you do. We believe that the reason we have risen up from a very small company to become the leader in soft sided insulated products is because of our passion for design, creativity, ingenuity and meaningful innovations that has pushed our category in all kinds of wonderful directions. And what a category! We participate in the best things in life and are driven to apply all of our creative energy and every ounce of our ingenuity to enhance all those great experiences.
Because of our passion, we have brought forward more advances to the insulated products category than any other company...by far.
We made the decision when we started this journey that good isn’t good enough. We also understood that in order to compete against the multi-national conglomerates, we had to deliver better products and experiences if we hoped to even get the chance to be seen, let alone become the market leader. We are humbled and gratified that with your awesome support, we have done just that. Sometimes we look around at all the talented, smart people who spend their time here, coming up with fantastic ideas, bringing them to life, packaging them up to look pretty, working tirelessly to make it happen and we think it’s pretty amazing that it all started with just a few people and a simple idea, to make products better. We really appreciate your support and look forward to keeping it innovative and wowing you with what’s to come.

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