Our Core Values

Leadership, Innovation & Creativity
Innovation is in our DNA. We have a long history of firsts that have made us the market leader in our industry.
Passion & Inclusiveness
Our environment is friendly and supportive. We not only care about the company, we care about each other.
Integrity & Commitment to Quality
We're always striving for the best. It's what drives us and infuses everything we do.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Here's what we are doing:

1. Supporting Our Environment & Promoting Green Lifestyles
Our products support a green lifestyle by their very nature – you can use them daily, eat healthy and reduce waste from takeout.

2. Sustainable and Ethical Business Practices
We are committed to sustainable and ethical business practices in all operations and seek only to partner with businesses (including but not limited to vendors and other third party affiliates) who share that commitment. We are a proud category B licensee affiliate of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

3. Charitable Endeavours
We take great pride in our commitment to promote and support charitable endeavours.

4. Community Building
We partner with local colleges and universities to provide research and work experience opportunities for students.

We donate products

We have donated over 4000 coolers, lunch bags, food transport containers and diaper bags to organizations and causes in need, including but not limited to: support for the victims of the Fort McMurray Wildfires, victims of the Louisiana floods, the Children’s Aid Society and Children’s Aid Foundation, various hospitals and healthcare facilities, Thinking Forward (a charity that runs programs that promote character building and anti-bullying in inner city schools), and much, much more!

We match employee charitable donations at 100% and provide product as disaster relief

Together, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for many important causes and charities, including but not limited to: The Daily Bread Food Bank, the Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada (CCAC), the ALS Societies Across Canada, various Humane Societies and animal welfare groups, natural disaster and relief causes, and others.

As animal lovers we donate to groups that rescue and help animals

This includes fundraisers, volunteering time to take care of homeless animals and donations to various shelters.

Free shipping

Free Shipping On All Orders $100 and over. All of our orders are sent via FedEx Ground Home Delivery.

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