Quick Tips!

  • The bacteria used to make pickles and yogurt are not harmful.
  • Sliced bacon should never be frozen because their fats develop oxidative rancidity.
  • The fuller your cooler is with cold food or beverages, the longer the contents will stay cold.
  • Perishable food should not be kept at room temperature for longer than 2 hours.
  • Cracked eggs should be discarded because bacteria and mold can penetrate.
  • Raw meat, poultry, and seafood should be stored on the bottom shelf of the fridge so juices won't drip onto other foods.

Getting The Most from Your Cooler

  • There are many variables that can affect the length of time food, beverages, or other cooler contents will stay cold or hot. These include the ambient air temperature, the temperature of the cooler contents at the time of packing, the volume of contents packed, and the amount and/or type of ice of freezer packs used.
  • Our coolers may be used with or without ice, however, ice or an ice pack will extend the amount of time that food stays cold or frozen.
  • Ice packs or ice substitutes with a lower freezing point are preferable because they minimize the amount of condensation that can occur on the bottom of your cooler (i.e. dampness that is caused by the cold air from inside the cooler meeting the hotter air outside the cooler). Ice packs can also focus the cold better than loose ice cubes.
  • Stacked freezer packs or hot packs keep cooler contents cold/hot the longest.
  • The fuller your cooler is with hot or cold food, the longer the contents will stay hot or cold.
  • A small cooler, fully packed, will stay cooler longer than a larger, partially loaded cooler.
  • The colder or hotter the contents are at the time of packing, the longer they will keep. For example, dense frozen foods stay cold or frozen longer.
  • As warm air rises and cool air falls, place ice or freezer packs on top of cooler contents for best cooling results and vice versa for best heating results.
  • When traveling, you may substitute ice cubes in zip-lock bags for ice packs.

Smart Grocery Shopping

  • Think about food safety from the moment you select food and put it in your grocery cart.
  • Canned goods should be free of dents, cracks or bulging lids.
  • Make sure foods are kept cold between the store and the refrigerator at your final destination.
  • When grocery shopping, be aware of the temperature outside and adjust your trip from the grocery store to home or other places accordingly. In hot climates, keep a large cooler in your vehicle and load perishables in it for the drive home.
  • Purchase meat and poultry products last and keep packages of raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. It is wise to use plastic bags to enclose individual packages of raw meat and poultry.

The Microban® Advantage

  • Microban® built-in product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odors, stains and product degradation.
  • Microban® technology is built right in to the lining of the product and cannot be washed out.
  • Microban® product protection will last the life of the product.
  • Microban® and Microban® symbol are trademarks of Microban® Products Company, Huntersville, NC.

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