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7 reasons to use a re-usable grocery bag

Re-usable grocery bags are great for picking up groceries, having a picnic or transporting dishes to family events and potlucks.
We’ve provided an in-depth review of one of our Thermal Totes to give you a greater understanding of what this bag is all about.

Here are 7 reasons to go re-usable with the Arctic Zone 45 Can Thermal Tote:

Re-usable Grocery Bag

1. Durability

The tote can hold up to 45 cans which converts to almost 40 pounds of weight. The exterior Eco Blend™material of the Thermal Tote is durable and easy to wipe clean and, unlike plastic and canvas bags, won’t rip at the bottom when carrying a heavy load.

Re-usable Grocery Bag

2. Easy to Clean

The interior includes an Ultra Safe® leak proof, easy clean lining with Microban® to protect against bacterial odors and stains.

Re-usable Grocery Bag

3. Earth Friendly

Re-usable Grocery Bag

It comes as no surprise that re-usable grocery bags are the way to go, especially if you’re trying to practice more earth friendly habits. According to these plastic shopping bag statistics, there are nearly 2 million plastic bags used worldwide every minute; however, each one takes up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill.

Re-usable grocery bags have become one great solution to our plastic bag pandemic, and each one has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags!

In addition, the Eco Blend™ exterior material can be recycled. Take that, plastic bag!

4. Insulated

Both the 45 and 70 Can Thermal Totes feature high density thermal insulation with Therma-Flect® radiant barrier for hours of cold as well as a leak proof, easy clean lining with Microban® to protect against bacterial odors and stains.

5. Smart Storage

The Arctic Zone 45 Can Thermal Tote folds in half for easy storage. We recommend keeping one in your trunk for unplanned grocery stops.

Re-usable Grocery Bag

Re-usable Grocery Bag

Re-usable Grocery Bag

6. Lasting Product

Re-usable Grocery Bag

We’re pretty sure that nobody likes having to pay for a plastic grocery bag.
Quality, re-usable grocery bags are a great investment because you’ll likely pay for them once and use them hundreds of times before you have to purchase a new one.

7. Great for Travel

The Arctic Zone Thermal Tote is not only great for local errands and activities -it’s also ideal for travel. If you need to keep things cool for a road trip, long drive home, flight or train ride, these thermal totes will ensure that your food and drinks stay cold and fresh.

Re-usable Grocery Bag

Re-usable Grocery Bag

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