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Lunch bags are the new black: Dabney Lee and Arctic Zone

Our collaboration with print designer, Dabney Lee.

 Dabney Lee lunch bag - logo detail

As you can probably imagine, most people at our offices sport their favorite Arctic Zone lunch bag. Our hearts break when we see people headed to work, carrying a plastic lunch bag. But we get it! You want something that does the job without looking like it does the job – a functional lunch bag that doesn’t look like a lunch bag.

That’s where our Lunch Bags for Women come in. Our product designers are experts in creating lunch bags to fit a range of styles. 30+ years in the industry combined with annual trend research have enabled us to design lunch bags that are functional and stylish. This year, we’ve collaborated with an incredibly talented print designer who’s taking our fashion game to the next level.

Meet Dabney Lee.

In 2004, Dabney Lee launched a custom stationery and gift business known for its unique mix of modern and preppy patterns. Since that time, she has built a loyal following of consumers by incorporating timeless patterns like dots and stripes with novelty prints inspired by pop culture and fashion.

**2 dabney lee bags

The interior of our Dabney Lee lunch bags features high density thermal insulation and an Ultra Safe® leak proof, easy clean lining. We’ve added our signature pop of color to the lining for a little extra wow!

Dabney Lee Lunch Bag
Find Dabney Lee lunch bags at Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam’s Club and Target.

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