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36 Can Titan Guide Series Cooler

Product image 1Titan Guide Series - 36 can front
Product image 2Titan Guide Series - 36 can open
Product image 3Titan Guide Series - 36 can easy access
Product image 4Titan Guide Series - 36 can holding
Product image 5Titan Guide Series - 36 can open
Product image 6Titan Guide Series - 36 can open more
Product image 7Titan Guide Series - 36 can front pocket
Product image 8Titan Guide Series - 36 can bottom
Product image 9Titan Guide Series - 36 can back
Product image 10Titan Guide Series - 36 can - magnet handles
Product image 11Titan Guide Series - 36 can zipper pulls
Product image 12Titan Guide Series - 36  can easy access lid
Product image 13Titan Guide Series - 36 can drink holder
Product image 14Titan Guide Series - 36 can strap
Product image 15Titan Guide Series - 36 can  - shoulder strap
Product image 1636 Can Titan Guide Series Cooler - Dimensions - Length 17.5' - Width 13.25' - Height 14.3' - Weight 6.3lbs
Product image 1736 Can Titan Guide Series Cooler - lifestyle  hike
Product image 1836 Can Titan Guide Series Cooler - lifestyle camp cooking
Product image 1936 Can Titan Guide Series Cooler - beach fishing

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Product Details

The Titan Guide Series™ 36 Can Cooler keeps ice up to 3 days and can easily accommodate a weekend’s worth of food and drinks!

The roomy interior features Deep Freeze® high performance insulation with radiant heat barrier, triple layer Cold Block™ base and an extra thick Ultra Safe® leak proof, easy clean lining with Microban® to protect against bacterial odors and stains. There is also an interior ice pack pocket with hook and loop closure.

The exterior is constructed of tough, water and stain resistant Rhino-Tech® and includes a smooth TableTop™ surface with 4 drink holders; easy access lid, multiple exterior accessory pockets, compression molded base, padded back panel and removable, adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip shoulder pad. There are also daisy chain attachment loops and side D-ring tie-down latch points for extra stability on flatbed trucks or boats.

Great for camping, boating, picnics or just hanging out on the dock.

Product Dimensions


Length 17.5 " 44.5 cm
Depth 13.25 " 33.7 cm
Height 14.5 " 36.8 cm
Weight 6.3 lbs 2.86 kg
Capacity 36 Cans


Length 14.5 " 36.83 cm
Depth 10.37 " 36.86 cm
Height 10.25" 26.04 cm
*Performance Testing & Still Ice Claims

The product was 100% filled with ice and the ambient temperatures were alternated between approximately 90ºF/32ºC and 67ºF/19ºC every 12 hours to simulate day/night temperatures during the summer. At the 48 hour mark, ice was still present. Note: Results will vary according to the ambient temperature, the volume and the starting temperature of the contents.

Keeps ice up to 3 days!

When filled completely with ice, the cooler keeps ice up to 3 days! The amount of ice used is the most important factor for long-lasting ice retention.

Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Microban® is antimicrobial product protection that is built into the lining of the product and inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.

✔ It lasts for the lifetime of the product.
✔ It will not wash off or wipe away.
✔ It makes this product easier to clean.

Microban® protection is not a substitute for regular cleaning of the product and will not prevent food borne illness

Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company, Huntersville, N.C.

Ultra Safe® - BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate Free

Ultra Safe® means that our products meet all applicable FDA and CPSC safety requirements. In addition, it means the products meet our own quality assurance and safety standards that go well beyond legal compliance.

What makes a product Ultra Safe?

✔ Interior linings that are FDA and CPSC compliant.
✔ The product is free from: BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

Easy Clean

Most food residues can be wiped clean with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. This applies to both the interior and exterior.

Adjustable shoulder strap

This item features a shoulder strap which can be easily adjusted to optimize comfort while carrying.

Easy Access Lid

Our flip-open easy-access lid allows you to easily grab contents from inside without having to worry about fumbling with zippers, latches, or opening your entire lid.

Aside from providing easier access, this feature helps to prevent less cold air from escaping when you open your cooler.

Deep Freeze™ Insulation

Deep Freeze™ high performance insulation is a multi-layered system that protects your ice from the most intense heat.

The entire exterior of the item is wrapped with a lightweight layer of heat reflective material that repels the harmful radiant waves that can warm your precious cargo. Behind that radiant heat barrier are dual layers of thick high density az-superfoam. These dense layers provide protection from ambient heat waves that can strike even when the sun isn’t shining.

ColdBlock™ Base

Most other cooler brands use the same thickness of insulation throughout the entire cooler. This isn't ideal because the weight of the contents packed inside the item will compress the insulation, depleting its ability to perform throughout the day(s).

The thick base of this item consists of 3 separate layers of insulation.

In tests we conducted, we found that individual layers of insulation are more effective than a single thick layer. The air trapped in between the separate layers also acts as an insulator which helps to enhance performance.

Leak Proof Lining

No more worrying about the area around your cooler. The liner is leak proof so the cooler will not leak when the cooler is in it's proper upright position.

We've made this easy for you


Cleaning & Care

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Our products are meant to last... So odds are, they will get pretty dirty.

Don’t worry, we thought of that.

Most food residues can be wiped clean with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. This applies to both the interior and exterior of the cooler or lunch bag. 

*Please be advised we recommend allowing your item to air dry, as a machine wash may ruin the insulation of the item.

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