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5 Smoothie bowls that will brighten your day

We love smoothie bowls! They’re simple and healthy snacks that you can take on-the-go! We’re inviting you to join us with these easy, healthy lunches that are super easy to transport.

All it takes is a little preparation. You’d be surprised how many of your groceries can avoid the food bin if they’re cleaned and chopped ahead of time. We recommend using our stackable Interlockers® to keep prepped food fresh through the week.

Try these awesome recipes to get you inspired to create your own!

Berry Rich Bowl

Smoothie Bowl - Berry Rich Bowl

This ruby red blend is sure to give your body the boost it needs to power through the rest of your day. Aside from the vitamin-rich berries, there are also many benefits to drinking pomegranate juice, including offering up a healthy dose of the antioxidants and vitamins we need.

Smoothie Bowls - Berry Bowl 2


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