How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

Want to know how you can build sustainable lunches that are litter-less and eco-friendly? Check out some of these awesome options!

How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch


By: Arctic Zone

More and more people are doing what they can to reduce their ecological footprint and that includes making smarter choices at lunchtime! At Arctic Zone we’re excited about the sustainable mindset and we’re happy to be a part of it!

Want to know how you can build sustainable lunches that are litter-less and eco-friendly? Check out some of these awesome options!

Pack a Reusable Lunch Bag

Committing to a reusable lunch bag is a great way to transport food and beverages without creating excess waste. There are lots of choices when it comes to design and style, so whether you’re bringing lunch for work or packing snacks for the beach, there is a litter-less option for every occasion!

Choose Reusable Containers

Did you know that if one person stopped using plastic bags, they could help remove more than 22,000 bags from the environment? That’s a lot of litter! Reusable containers replace the need for plastic bags, and they’re also much better at keeping foods fresh and protected.

Eco-Friendly Lunch

Check out this list of reasons why reusable is the way to go!

Ditch non-reusable table settings

I don’t know about you, but I like to think that cutlery and napkins make my lunch look just a little bit fancier…eco-friendly fancier! Instead of stocking up on non-reusable cutlery, I pack stainless steel utensils that I can wash at the end of the day.

Reusable napkins can help to eliminate over 3 million tons of paper towels and napkins in landfills every year. 5 napkins get me through the week until I’m ready to do laundry.

Share your Tools

If your office has a dishwasher or sink available, invite co-workers to bring in extra glassware, cutlery, or even lunch bags that others can use to encourage more sustainable lunches.

This is great for co-workers who tend to buy a meal and bring it back to the office- no need to grab plastic utensils or cups!

Eco-Friendly Lunch

Invest in Reusable Water Bottles

I take my reusable water bottles everywhere! This saves me hundreds of dollars annually on plastic water bottles and helps me reduce my carbon footprint. There are lots of brands out there- check out this article to better understand the pros and cons of the different materials used for water bottles.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk supports sustainable lunches by using less individual packaging and offering larger portions that last longer.

I like to buy in bulk and pre-pack some lunch containers that I can grab from the pantry and go. No garbage, no mess. Easy!

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